Healthcare Industry: The Top Target of Cyber Attacks

The health care industry has been challenged with questions such as, “How do we make our patient’s health records accessible but secure?” or “Our EMR stores all of our patient’s medical records, how do I know it is secure?” These are real concerns that echo real risks. Find out what organizations, like yours, are concerned about and what threats they face…


Ethics & Cybersecurity: Obligations to Protect Client Data

Sweeping advances in technology are not only changing the law that attorneys practice, they are also bringing profound changes to the way attorneys practice law. However, new technologies create new threats to the confidentiality of client data.


Seizing the initiative against CPA cyber security threats.

Many CPA firms have discovered the benefits of cost efficiency, expanded services, and greater profit margins as more financial information is stored digitally instead of on paper. Yet those benefits also bring liabilities as that same information becomes increasingly vulnerable to infiltration by unauthorized sources.


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A painless and enlightened approach to long-term digital security

Avasek is a leading IT security consulting firm offering years of knowledge and experience to address the needs of many industries, professions, and specialized business services. Using up-to-the-minute methodologies, we will assess and evaluate your organization’s security exposure and educate key stakeholders to foster secure computing practices.

Comprehensive Security Assessments

Is your critical data secure? Avasek will help your company know what your current risks are.

Policy Compliance

Various compliance requirements can distract you from your core business mission. Avasek will eliminate that burden of time and expense and give you back the freedom to do what you do best.

Managed Security Services

IT Security and Support have very different missions. Avasek will supplement what your IT Support is not doing.

Employee Training

Even with all of the security controls in place, it only takes one employee to make an innocent mistake. Avasek will make keep your employees up-to-date on all the latest trends and scams.

How secure is your network?

Are you unsure of the answer? Let Avasek provide your company with a FREE basic network assessment to give your organization the details to make an informed decision on whether additional security services are needed. What do you have to lose?

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