Today’s digital world makes your network more vital – and vulnerable – than ever before. Don’t wait until it’s too late: Take the first step against cyber criminals with Avasek’s free security assessment. We’ll pinpoint your network’s weaknesses, arming you with the information necessary to make informed security decisions. Partner with Avasek for customized solutions that protect your own as well as your client’s and customer’s sensitive information and finances from landing in the wrong hands. No matter what your business, our up-to-the-minute methodology gives you a solid line of defense.

Legal Industry

With the increased incidence of hacking into the files of law firms, it is critical for companies to protect themselves against both external and internal cyber espionage. Avasek will work with your firm to create a comprehensive network security solution to lock down your sensitive client and corporate records.

Healthcare Industry

After a major breach in security at a leading healthcare organization and the resulting FBI warnings, IT security in healthcare has become increasingly critical. The Affordable Care Act includes specific regulations regarding sensitive patient health records and the need to secure digital files. Avasek will work with your cyber security officer or other executive to lock down your files and records.

Financial\Accounting Industry

In light of recent cyber incursions, financial services institutions and stock exchanges are scrambling to reduce risks, lower costs, and avoid catastrophic loss of resources. Avasek will work with your IT department to eliminate the risk of ATM skimming, banking malware, and other cyber crime.

How secure is your network?

Are you unsure of the answer? Let Avasek provide your company with a FREE basic network assessment. Provide your company the details to make an informed decision on whether additional security services are needed or not. What do you have to loose?

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