New Apple App Store Phishing Attack

A new Apple App Store Phishing attack is using a very realistic-looking Apple App Store message to trick you into getting charged for something you did not buy. This attack may make it through all the spam filters into your inbox so you need to be alert for this scam.

Details of the Apple App Store Phishing Attack

This phishing attack tries to make you fill out a page with your full address and credit card information so that you “will not get charged”. If you or a family member would fall for this trick though, it is highly likely that your credit card would get fraudulently charged quickly.

Remember to never click on links in emails to go to a vendor’s website. Always use your browser and either type in the address of the company or use a bookmark you have set yourself earlier. And while we are at it, never just open an email attachment you did not ask for. Let’s stay safe out there and Think Before You Click!

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