The Life of A Phish

Over the past few years, the practice of phishing, the attempts by Internet attackers to illegally obtain sensitive information, has dramatically increased. According to fresh information from Osterman Research, since mid-2014 phishing has been the number one vector for infiltrating a network with malware. So what can you do to prepare your employees against phishing […]Continue Reading

Defending Against Modus Operandi

You work for a small to mid-sized business and outsource the support of your IT systems to a vendor. How do you gauge if your vendor is doing the job you pay them to do? How do you know they are implementing proper security measures? Let us face it, these questions become secondary or tertiary […]Continue Reading

New Apple App Store Phishing Attack

A new Apple App Store Phishing attack is using a very realistic-looking Apple App Store message to trick you into getting charged for something you did not buy. This attack may make it through all the spam filters into your inbox so you need to be alert for this scam. Details of the Apple App Store […]Continue Reading

Cyber Security for Small Business Seminar

Join Avasek for a cyber security seminar aimed at small business. Sixty-six percent of companies and professional firms that suffer a data breach are out of business within six months. The trend among hackers: target small businesses. Avasek Security demonstrates how easy it is for hackers to access your data and how to protect your […]Continue Reading