About Avasek

Your Critical Data Deserves Critical Thinking

Despite the buzz surrounding modern cyber threats, most small-to-medium businesses continue to backburner digital protection – doing nothing, creating makeshift barriers, or hiring turnkey vendors who offer little against mounting cyber liability.

As a security lead for Lockheed-Martin, David Humphreys spotted this alarming trend – and the equally alarming lack of options for companies facing a new dawn of urgent concerns. Industry regulations, state laws, and bad guys armed with phishing schemes, ransomware attacks, and other ways of accessing customer information are modern business realities. Staying one step ahead of it is no longer a luxury, but a necessity – yet too few vendors specialize in this work, and even fewer do it well.

Avasek was born, designed to offer enduring advice and complex security solutions to businesses across sectors and sizes.

More partner and advisor than vendor, Avasek intertwines itself with your company – a prerequisite to effective security – while nonetheless putting your people in the driver seat and working with your budget. The result? Peace of mind that’s folded into your business’s everyday processes, and assurance your customers will thank you for.