Cyber Security Solutions


When Avasek is involved, top-notch protection becomes yours

Designed with small- and medium-sized businesses in mind, our foolproof services offer defense against predators – and flexibility for you and your team.


Education is a two-way street. As Avasek learns more about your business’s differentiators, concerns, objectives and processes, we simultaneously arm critical members of your team – from management to the masses – with knowledge and practices essential to iron-clad safety and compliance.

Our security assessment process is broken down into four phases, each providing a chance to assess Avasek’s recommendations against your own internal resources. Some clients decide to delegate trainable tasks internally or to vendors, freeing up bandwidth necessary to a long-term partnership with Avasek.



Avasek’s comprehensive and systemic security services are the heartbeat of who we are and how we keep your critical data safe.

Unlike checklist approaches offered by one-size-fits-all vendors, Avasek’s carefully-crafted myriad of design, implementation, encryption, continuity and recovery tactics work together to make your business impenetrable against cyber attacks.


Careful monitoring turn today’s suspicious incident into tomorrow’s next-level defense.

In the same way you don’t build a fortress only to abandon it, Avasek’s security design and implementation is followed by log event management, incident response planning, forensics, and continuity/disaster recovery plan maintenance that’s vital as the blueprint it supports – and your company safety.

White Labeling

We work in tandem with Managed Service Providers (IT Support Vendors) as a strategic partner or a contracted service.

This modularity allows MSPs to market themselves as Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), and gives clients across sectors access to comprehensive IT solutions spanning security and support.