Securing Your Business

In a Connected World
We’re future seers, keeping you ahead of cyber attacks and compliance – so threats move on and business runs smoothly.

Small, large, or in between, your business can’t afford to ignore security. We can help.

Security isn’t a box you can check – it’s a process and our promise. Discover Avasek’s flexible, foolproof partnership options.
Our Services
Today's cyber predators thwart solutions at breakneck speeds - forcing businesses to stay steps ahead of default security practices. Avasek specializes in one thing only: Handling this vital work for you. Here is a list of our services:
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David J. Humphreys, Owner, Avasek

Speaking & Training

A sought-after speaker committed to smarter security, CEO David Humphreys offers keen insights at every point along the cyber protection continuum - from risk assessment and regulatory compliance to vulnerability management and worst-case-scenario recovery. His work as a security advisor for universities and the FBI inform Dave's ever-evolving business offerings as well as his thought leadership and consulting.

Current Speaking Engagements