Tech Support Scam: Dell Customer Data Breached

A new phone scam is on the rise and it involves Dell PCs’ owners. Scammers call people who use Dell PCs, and claim to be Dell Tech Support Representatives. They trick users by offering to fix “existing” computer problems by installing remote access software on the victim’s computer. But instead of fixing a problem, scammers install ransomware, software that makes PC completely unusable until a victim pays up. In addition, end-users have hundreds of dollars placed on their credit cards for the bogus service that never been performed.

It is possible that one or more of Dell’s databases got compromised. According to victims, scammers know Dell PC’s owner’s information, such as phone number, unique Dell Tech Support Customer Tag printed on each individual Dell computer, and details of any previous support request made by the victim through official Dell channels.

You can protect your business from this Dell phone scam and its costly complications:

  • educate your staff with cybersecurity training;
  • ensure that your workstations have secure data backups;
  • if anyone calls to help with computer issues, hang up and call the company back.

Avasek, a leading IT security consulting firm, will ensure that all your computers are protected against ransomware and will help you resolve the locked computer issue in 24 hours and without having to pay thousands of dollars in payoff.

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